Aug 22, 2010

Din: Personal Victory

August 25 and September 1 will go down as two of the best milestones, Eureka moments if I may say, in my running history. I joined the Runfest last August 25 and the Rexona Run 2010 last September 1. In both of these events, I was able to run non-stop from stop to finish!

Well for some this might be a small thing but for me, it was a huge deal. When I started running, in order to cope with the training and increasing distance, I immediately implemented walk breaks based on the Galloway method. This actually made me "survive" my training program, get past the injuries I incurred and eventually made me a stronger and better runner eventually.

I didn't know what occurred in these 2 race events but I just felt great. I planned to have my walk breaks every mile (1.61 kilometers) but when I reached the first mile, I still felt strong and decided to push on. When I reached the 4th mile (almost 6.5 kilometers), I told myself, why not try running non-stop since I am already two-thirds the way. Well, the rest was history.

Even if my pace is still slow and still needs improvement, this milestone is a huge reinforcement that my training is working and it is making me a stronger and better runner. With this milestone, I decided to move on to the next level. Well, that deserves a separate story. =)

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