Aug 25, 2010

Din: 500km

How far is 500 kilometers?

Assuming you are coming from the Rizal Monument which is Kilometer 0, I have listed below some well-known locations in the Philippines with estimated proximity to the 500 kilometer mark.

  • Batac, Ilocos Norte - Add approximately 30 kilometers to make it 500.
  • Tuguegarao, Cagayan - Add approximately 17 kilometers to make it 500.
  • Naga City - Add approximately 50 kilometers to make it 500.
  • Baguio City - Roundtrip and add approximately 20 kilometers more.

Why the sudden penchant for 500 kilometers? Well, today I have clocked 500 kilometers in my running odometer. This was the result of running 7 5K races, 6 10K races, 1 15K race and countless number of fartleks, tempo runs, interval runs, hill workouts and my favorite, long runs.

Here's the screenshot of the summary from my Endomondo account which I started using when I ran my first 5K race, RunRio Leg 1 Century Tuna.

I know I still have lots of room for improvement for my personal bests but I am taking my sweet time in achieving these. As of this time, I am enjoying the training and the progress I am seeing in my fitness level allowing me to join longer distances. Here's to more kilometers... and the honor of wearing the 1,000km Finisher's shirt from Bald Runner. =D

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