Jan 4, 2011

Din: Looking back at 2010

Reading through my first blog post last March 2010, I could not help but assess the progress I made within 10 months after I decided to change my lifestyle. I could not imagine that I was able to transform myself from a couch potato to a runner! I felt that this was the best accomplishment I made in 2010.

I have listed below the results of this accomplishment which I hope will serve as a constant reminder to myself to never let go and lose focus again of this great lifetime endeavor. I also hope that it will serve as an inspiration to the readers of this blog that with the right attitude and right reasons, it is indeed possible to transform yourself from a couch potato to whatever you want to be.

Health Results:
  • I lost more than 25 pounds. When I started running last February, my weight was almost 180 pounds, making me about 20 pounds overweight. I now weigh 154 pounds which is already within my ideal weight zone.
  • With the weight loss naturally came the reduction in my waistline. I am proud to say that at least 5 inches were "sliced off" from my tummy. The only downside was I needed to change my pants since they kept on falling off already.
  • Gone were the dizzy spells I intermittently experience due to my high triglyceride level. Because of running, I was able to normalize my triglyceride levels.

Running Results:
  • Seven 5Ks, Seven 10Ks, One 15K, One 16K, Three 21Ks, Two 32Ks and currently training for my first marathon this coming March, The TBR Dream Marathon 2.
  • In the book, Runner's World Complete Guide to Running, one article immediately resonated to me and I thought the advice it provided really made sense. The article, in page 21, entitled It's Good to Walk, discussed the advantages of incorporating the Galloway Method in running. As a result, I immediately incorporated this method in my training as I progressed from 5K up to my current training program for a marathon. This method made my training more enjoyable and from my experience, more effective. It was one of the primary reasons why I became a stronger runner and only experienced a minimal number of running-related injuries.
  • I learned to listen to and respect the limitations of my body. Actually I learned this the hard way by experiencing my first and, so far, only running related-injury last June 2010. This was caused by running to fast, to far, to soon. Quite a lethal combination unfortunately. It was a humbling experience since I was unable to train for 2 weeks and was very disappointed since I had to postpone my plan of joining a half marathon race.
  • I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the following Filipino runners and triathlete for the stories and running tips they unselfishly shared. These provided me and Carrie with best practices and lessons learned that we were able to apply in our training. It is my hope that they will continue sharing their experiences and love for the sport. Rest assured that in return, we will pay this forward by sharing our own experiences  to all those who are starting in the sport.
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  • Lastly, I would like to share my latest running summary from Endomondo. I know that my personal bests could be considered by seasoned runners as "average" but looking at where I came from, I look at these times with pride and exclaim, I did good.

Jan 2, 2011

Din: Good Sign

I had my first run for 2011 this morning and I was extremely happy with the result. I was able to beat my Adidas KOTR Half Mary PR by more than 5 minutes considering that this was just a training run.

I deemed this to be a good sign of what is in store for me this year. This made me very excited for the upcoming Cebu International Marathon this Sunday, January 9, where I would be running the Half Marathon. I have a target pace in mind based on the results of my long run today and I am already giddy with excitement to check if I can achieve this target.

Bring it on 2011! =)