Mar 18, 2011

Din: This Is It!

Barely less than 48 hours to go and I will be running my first marathon via the TBR Dream Marathon at Nuvali. After going through more than 16 weeks of training, I am experiencing mixed emotions right now from excitement, to fear, to jitteriness and the intermittent doubts and then back to excitement again. It's an emotional roller coaster to say the least.

I am guessing (correctly I hope) that all marathon first-timers go through this stage. To calm my nerves, I just repeat, silently and sometimes out loud (when I'm alone of course!) that I can do this! I can do this! You already have a plan. Stick to the plan! Finish this and you can now proudly say, "I am now an idiot!"


  1. WOOHOO!!! Kaya mo yaaaan!!! Get ready to FEEL the PAIN!!!! It will come! And you're gonna love and hate it all at the same time. Heeheehee. ;-)

    Hope to read your account of your 1st FM next week!

    Good luck and all the best!

    Kaya mo yan!!! :D

  2. Tapusin na ang marathon na yan para maka-graduate na hahaha! Mayon and the world of ultra running beckons! lol

    Good luck, chief. I have absolutely no doubts that you will kick ass. Ikaw pa, e sobrang scientific ng preparation mo. Pero relax lang ha, I don't want to lose my potential pace mate for the Mayon 50-Miler! Remember, TBR is just a 42k training run for bigger (and longer!) things hahaha

  3. Good Luck! You will survive and finish the race!

  4. @daytripper1021: maraming salamat chief. =) bring it on! hehehe =) sabi nga ni dean karnazes, if it's not painful, you're not doing it right. =D

    @carrie: of course with you by my side, i can do anything =D

    @barefootdaves: maraming salamat Daves. i read in your blog that you are planning to join TBRDM 2012. it's the best decision to have your first marathon! i am pretty sure that you will have a grand time. =)

    @Julius: maraming, maraming salamt chief. my eyes are on the ball! hahaha =D i'm not losing sight of the bigger and "terrifyingly" longer goal hahaha =D

    @jazzrunner: many thanks Sir for the kind remarks. thank you for visiting our blog.