Feb 18, 2011

Carrie: How I Finished My First 16KM

A good 2 weeks before the Condura Skyway Marathon I was invited by my hubby to join him and other TBR 2011 dreamers for a 90min run at BGC, of course I said yes and eagerly hoped for a good run.

On that beautiful Saturday morning, I told hubby that if I could not carry on with the group's pace, I will just run on my own and just do my thing. Little did I know that people who joined the running session will be divided into 3 categories (run continuously, 9min run/1min walk and 4min run/1min walk) the announcement got me excited since hopefully I will not be running alone after all, though I secretly hoped that the group that I joined will not be running fast. I positioned myself at the end of the 4-1 group and was joined by Vic, a TBR dreamer. A few minutes before the run we were joined by Jaymie Pizarro, TBR herself (Jaymie assigned herself as the day's sweeper), lucky for us! Introductions were made and the run officially started.

I had a great time running with Vic and Jaymie, so much so that we got lost from our group. We didnt realized that the group took a left turn and we look a straight path. All the same, we chatted our way through the meet up point and finished a good 4+km and surprisingly maintained my most comfortable pace (8:45-9). After a few minutes rest, we resumed running and made it for another 4+km sans Jaymie who exchanged places with Lit Onrubia.

After the training session, I continued running for another 2km with hubby, all the while telling him of my experience and wonderful conversations with Vic and Jaymie. I told him that I never did imagine that I could converse with fellow runners while running and the many running advices Jaymie shared, one which is so important is to follow the Jeff Galloway run/walk/run method. I used to do run/walk/run strategy but run for 1km then walk for 10secs. I always get tired early on. Though this method got me through all of my 5km and 10km races, I was afraid that it may not get me through with 16kms. Oh and by the way, my Saturday morning session with the TBR dreamers will not be complete without another special moment. Finally I was able to meet Reylynne Delapaz, the runvocate. She was the pacer for our 4-1 group. Reylynne and I shared a few medical alarms with thyroid diseases. But that is under the bridge now, mine got removed a few years back so no worries.

One week before Condura, I altered my game plan and incorporated Jeff Galloway's run/walk method. But instead of a 4-1, I opted for a 5-1 instead. One minute additional running time wont hurt at all, I thought.

On Condura day, I felt good and inspired. I vowed to stick to my new game plan of 5-1 (run/walk/run) method plus I told myself to better tackle the route I will brisk walk the Amorsolo flyover and the Kalayaan flyover and will resume the run/walk method after. I had the best time of my life while running the Skyway. My plan worked to perfection! And I am happy to share that I made it with an official time of 2h 24min 47sec with an 8:54 pace, strong, no injuries and very very happy.

Thank you Jaymie for all the insights that you shared. I most probably be miserable if I continued on with my 1km run and 10secs walk strategy.


  1. nice blog you have here. continue running and inspiring others. good luck on your future runs and see you on the road :)

  2. I know this is late already but Congratulations, Carrie! Hope to see you at the Unilab Run this Aug. 21. Let's run 21K together!

  3. Thanks much dear Nora! Yes, lets run 21km at Unilab. It will be my first and Din gladly agreed to pace me. This early Im so excited na! See you soon!