Apr 12, 2010

Carrie: Mizuno Infinity Run

We were very lucky to be able to join the first Mizuno Infinity Race at the Fort yesterday. To our surprise the event was not that all hyped up (whew!). The crowd was on a decent number. People were not packed like sardines when we entered the race ground, this is true most especially with the 5k category (we have experienced being packed like one during our first ever run). Let me share with you some of my reviews.
  • The race started on time.
  • There was ample parking for those who came with their own ride.
  • There were enough water stations though its just so sad to see people throwing their empty plastic cups around and not have the decency to practice proper waste disposal. As runners, I believe that if we can discipline ourselves to perfect our sport then we can also make a habit to do proper disposal especially during races.
  • There was a water truck with a sprinkler to cool our bodies. the weather was so hot yesterday.
  • There was a bit of chaos with the line formation to claim freebies and other stuff.
  • The 5k race route was not the same as what the organizer posted in their site. Good thing was we finished :)
  • Overall, Mizuno Infinity Race was a good race. Training was worth it!

Mizuno's challenge to runners is to "Beat Your Own Time"- we got the message and we did! I did my 5k with a 38min 51sec time. A 7 min improvement from my last race. I was in high spirits and cant complain. My training paid off. Now who says the street where my Grandma and my Aunt lives is steep?

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