Jan 2, 2011

Din: Good Sign

I had my first run for 2011 this morning and I was extremely happy with the result. I was able to beat my Adidas KOTR Half Mary PR by more than 5 minutes considering that this was just a training run.

I deemed this to be a good sign of what is in store for me this year. This made me very excited for the upcoming Cebu International Marathon this Sunday, January 9, where I would be running the Half Marathon. I have a target pace in mind based on the results of my long run today and I am already giddy with excitement to check if I can achieve this target.

Bring it on 2011! =)


  1. w00t! Über excited! Will be leaving NYC for Cebu Marathon this weekend. Will be running half mary too! See you guys there!

  2. Many thanks for visiting our blog James. That's great to hear that you will be running the Cebu half mary as well. See you in the race then. =)