Nov 26, 2010

Carrie: Early Christmas Gift

Its a surprise to receive my Christmas gift this early. I should be the one giving out gifts to friends and relatives but mine came so early unexpectedly. You see, I have been so busy with personal and business matters for the past 3-4 months now, coupled with running trainings I do within the week and a must during weekends, I did not think of achieving these results. I am always always a work in progress especially with running. I only became a runner because I said so. And now these....

October 24 - Adidas King of the Road (10km) - 1h:33m:18s
November 6 - HSBC 135 Run (10km) - 1h:27m:11s
November 20 - RunRio Leg 3 Run United (10km) - 1h:24m:23s

Now tell me who wouldn't be too merry this time of the year?

I'm fired up, geared up and so inspired to continue with my slow progress towards that healthy lifestyle, and I know running will get me there soon.

Happy Christmas!


  1. All that training has been paying off. wow!

    congrats Carrie!


  2. Thanks much Roelle. Happy Christmas!

  3. I love the banner, Ate Carrie!
    Who made that? Super kamukha ni Kuya Din. And you look like you have looong hair. See you soon!

  4. Thanks Russ! I had a friend customized it. Will send you his contact details in fb. See you!