Jun 12, 2010

Din: Nature Valley Runrio Leg 2

Kudos to Coach Rio for another great and very organized running event. From the pre-race activities, to the race itself and the water stations (this was the race with the most number and longest water stations I had ever seen so far) up to the post-race activities, everything screamed of organized with a capital O!

This race was supposed to be my first 10K run but I decided otherwise since I was able to make it to the registration for the Runnex Executive Classic 10K run a week before this event. Based on the lessons learned I gathered from the Runnex run, I made sure that I ran on my own pace that was sustainable even if I would be at the tail end of the 10K participants. I am proud to say this strategy paid off. Even if my finish time was 1 hour 22 minutes, I was very proud to say that I was not spent and I did not experience any adverse effects from pushing myself. I was even able to do a recovery run a day after the race.

As for my running partner, this was her second 5K run in the Runrio Trilogy. Even if the route was more difficult as compared to the Leg 1 (well as per my assessment since the 5K and 10K routes shared some parts), she was able to better her previous finish time by more than 1 minute. She is now gunning for the 10K  in the last leg of the Runrio Trilogy. Way to go! :D

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  1. After reading your post I am happy to know about your experience. Its true that the two partners have to work as a team and have to make an event a success.