Mar 10, 2010

Carrie: Pacing = Patience

When I run with hubby last Monday I decided to follow his lead. His pace was a bit slower than mine so I adjusted mine and shared with him the road, the cool-hot morning air, blue skies, the overall morning atmosphere in our village. As we were running I noticed that I had this urge to run ahead and do my own pace. Fortunately, I kept on with him and was surprised to discover that I had covered almost 2kms non stop. For somebody like me that was an achievement.

You see, when I start a hobby or a sport I usually end up doing all the wrong moves, why? because I want my cake right away. I always fall on the category of being impatient. Thus, since I started running my left heel always hurts, my whole body ache, and I ran out of breath. For 7 weeks now I have been running on and off and still haven't learned anything about pacing, endurance, strength, breathing and form.

Last Monday was the turning point. Because I waited, because I paced properly, I was able to achieve something I will never do on my own. Its never too late to start learning and the first thing I should learn is to be patient to understand pacing more.

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